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exerlights - TEAM

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8 exerlights LED-shirts
4 exerlights LED-marker
More than 90 different plays and practices for different training objectives
Shotclock as a diagnostic tool

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Benefits clubs/coaches

With exerlights, coaches have access to a completely new training method to improve and advance their level of training. The quick and easy way to implement the system on the pitch as well as the user-friendly smartphone app makes the integration of exerlights easy for any coach.

Benefits player

Speed of actions, attention and game intelligence are very important skills in the soccer game. All of these skills will be trained and improved with exerlights in a realistic way. In all of our playing-exercises, soccer players get challenged, stimulated and nurtured at the same time. Fun and motivation is guaranteed.

Group Training

Extensive portfolio of plays
Drills and exercises

Individual Training

Unlimited variety of configured exercises
Applicability in athletic and goalkeeping training


Measurement of ball processing time
Applicable as a diagnostic, exercise or competition tool

Group training

Exerlights offers more than 90 different, pre-configured exercises, drills and plays geared toward different training objectives. Additionally, coaches can use the configurator to create and develop their own drills and plays. Goal and team constellations can be changed dynamically with the basic package. Additionally, the premium package provides options for creating different exercises zones (e.g. shot on goal zones, switching play zones).

Individual Training

With exerlights, goalkeeper, fitness and athletic training is implemented in an innovative, yet simple way. Recognition is trained and improved not only in plays and drills, but also in all other aspects of soccer training.


The shotclock is a tool to measure ball processing time. This process entails 12 goals, each with an exerlights pylone, that are positioned in a circle (radius 9.15m). Two to four passing players, each equipped with four balls, position themselves around the circle. One test player is located in the middle of the field. All players wear an exerlights shirt. The shotclock is launched through the app. The player in the middle needs to pay attention which passing player’s shirt is illuminated, as this is where the pass originates from. Afterwards, the player in the middle needs to kick the ball in the illuminated goal. At the end of the drill, results and measurements for ball processing time are delivered through the app.



- Training and development of game intelligence
- Instantaneous switch-over between game phases
- Targeted training of quickness of action
- Comprehensive training for all phases of ball action


- Unlimited planning options with the exercise configurator
- Tool for performance diagnostics
- Applicablilty in individual and group training
- Quick training launch with preconfigured plays and drills

Innovative Technology

- Easy implementation on every pitch
- User-friendly smartphone app
- New possibilities for training strategies/direction
- LED light stimulus ensures maximum flexibility and variety