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What is the Senaptec Strobe?

The Senaptec Strobe is designed to train the connections between an individual's eyes, brain, and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information and forces the individual to process more efficiently. The Senaptec Strobe can be integrated into existing training drills and exercises.

As an athlete, the strobes take your training to another level. The curved liquid crystal lenses provides a full 180 degree field of view allowing users to enhance their visuals skills in the training room, or on the field of play! Improve balance, anticipation, and reaction to gain the competitive edge! These are a must own training aid for any therapy room or athletic training center!

The Benefit

What is the benefit of the Senaptec Strobe? Due to the lack of visual information, the athlete's brain becomes more powerful because it has to learn to execute the movement process correctly and anticipate situations in the competition. If the sportsman then follows without strobing, all the visual information is now available. This increases the reaction rate and concentration are intensified and trained. The Senaptec Strobe is the training weight for your brain!
For whom is the Senaptec Strobe suitable? In many sports it is important that athletes have a very fast visual perception. For this reason, the Senaptec Strobe is therefore suitable for all athletes, fitness and athletic athletes in sports, which are concerned with the rapid implementation of movement sequences. Especially in ball and team sports the strobobull can achieve very good improvements. Especially during balltraining or goalkeeper training the athletes have to be asked in order to be able to call the performance in competitions. The Senaptec Strobe manages to intensify the training even further than with previous training methods. The Senaptec Strobe is also ideally suited for the individual training outside the team training.


Strobobrille is a revolutionary shutter eyewear designed to increase visual perception. As the name suggests, the Strobobrille acts like a strobe in which visual information is turned off and on. In this way the wearer is forced to focus and process perceived movements more efficiently. The brain is then forced to learn how to carry out specific actions that an athlete would like to train by means of limited visual information. The Strobobrille is ideal for all athletes interested in improving their game.

- Curved liquid crystal lenses for a 180-degree field of vision

- 8 adjustable levels of difficulty

- Adjustable monocular and binocular modes

- User-friendly with just 2 buttons for mode and difficulty setting

- Easy-to-read OLED display for showing level of difficulty, mode, and battery level indicator

- Made with O-ring seals, water-proof

- Elastic band for best grip while in motion

- Worldwide most opaque lenses, ideal for outdoor use

- Integrated rechargeable battery via USB

- Programable and control adjustable via Bluetooth and free app.

Strobobrille QUAD

The new StroboQUAD offers all the functions of normal strobe glasses which leads to significantly improved functions. In addition, this revolutionary new StroboQUAD version features lenses that are divided into quadrants which further improves the functionality and usage of the eyewear.

- With the StroboQuad, athletes can train specific areas of the eye even more efficiently. For example, basketball players are able to darken the lower half section of the field of vision for their training.

- StroboQuad has the same size, accessories, and properties as standard strobe glasses

- Both lenses are divided into quadrants

- 13 adjustable levels

- Programable occlusion pattern for numerous training options and programs

Steffen Süßner

FSV Zwickau

Improved awareness, anticipation speed and responsiveness are important points in goalkeeping these days. Withe the Strobobrille I train my goalkeepers to perfection in these points.

Michael Rechner

TSG Hoffenheim

The Strobobrille is integrated into the training of professional goalkeepers several times a week. It has significantly improved my perception, concentration and reaction time speed. For me it is an indispensable tool.

Dennis Rudel

VfB Stuttgart

During a game, the ball is not always visible to the goalkeeper. This is perfectly simulated with the Strobobrille and the goalkeeper can use them to train these situations while alone. A great training support to further develop my goalkeepers.

The Strobobrille in training | TSG Hoffenheim

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