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Train the unpredictability of the game. School your reflexes. The Schreinerschmid Wall is the perfect training tool for the goalkeeper.
6 Honeycomb Version
With 1.135 mm | Height 875 mm

2.980 EUR

8 Honeycomb Version
With 1.500 mm | Height 875 mm

3.580 EUR

Improve your passplay with the Filippi Wall. Alone, or in the group, with the Filippi Wall you learn to play the perfect pass.

Filippi Wall 160

- Designed for professional use
- 160 cm wide

440 EUR

The world's best rebounder for football. It is used by thousands of boys and girls across Europe and also in some of the best football clubs in the world. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Ajax Amsterdam, Benfica and Manchester United have selected m-station because it is the king of rebounders.

m-station Talent Basic

Due to its perfect bounce behavior ideal for professional handball training.
Foldable | 145x30x190 cm
Large rebound surface | 145x145 cm

268 EUR

m-station Talent Club

Even more robust than the m-Station Talent Basic. Perfect for the hard training day.
Foldable | 145x30x190 cm
Large rebound surface | 145x145 cm

695 EUR

m-station Talent Academy

The m-station for professionals. Improve your skills by 42% in 4 weeks.
Extra Large rebound surface | 200x200 cm

1.195 EUR