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"The AIR-Body is a patented full contact training system. This is a realistic life sized replacement for an opposition player. The AIR-Body gets stability through having air pumped into it.Therefore, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum, especially when compared to other training systems currently on the market."

The AIR-Body Premium Advantages:

- Virtually indestructible plastic film used in medical engineering and space technology.
- No discoloring or loss of steadiness due to UV-radiation.
- The plastic film stays flexible even down to -4 Fahrenheit.
- Reinforced welding technique, no weakening of the welded seam as usually happens with PVC.
- Quick and easy setup (30sec.) due to our special valve technology.
- Double strength material at the bottom – Extremely resilient.
- Compact and easily transportable (32x32x8cm, 1.6kg).
- Individual usage due to our flexible plug-in system.
- Realistic embodiment of the proportions of a real opposite player.  Doesn’t look like a barrel ;-)
- Every AIR-Body can individually be printed with your logo or the logos of your sponsors.
- Due to the “swing and safe” metal base and the flexible inside tank which can be filled with pebbles, sand or liquids, the AIR-Body is the most versatile piece of training equipment available on the world market!