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The football cannon ensures optimum special training for developing fielders and goalkeepers. Both technically and tactically, the football cannon helps improve the strong and weak points of football players.
Improving and fine-tuning these core competences and skills require special training – individually, in groups and in full teams. Some of the most important elements in special training are repetition and precision of the exercises aimed at improving player competences. The football cannon ensures repetition and precision.
The football cannon also ensures more systematic special training where goalkeepers, defenders and strikers can train ball reception and handling by means of various shot patterns.
The football cannon can be programmed to make and repeat different shots, variably according to own wishes.

Training – shots on goal

  • - shots from different positions
  • - heading
  • - trapping (chest, thigh, feet)

Training – Defence

  • - heading
  • - clearing

Training – Goalkeeper

  • - catching technique
  • - reaction
  • - shots
  • - crosses
  • - punching technique

Functional Training

  • - with group of players

Tactical Training

  • - position in dead ball situations
  • - timing of runs in run and game situations
Battery-powered with up to 1000 shots per charge (new state-of-the-art batteries with newly-developed charger that ensures batteries long lives)
The football cannon comes with six punctureproof tyres, which are easy on the field and make moving the machine around the field easy. Can be delivered with an electrical powered wheel (option)
Radio-controlled remote control with 8 functions (option)
Touch colour display (industrial computer) for machine operation
Industrially-designed system (ethernet) for machine control
Ball magazine holding up to 30 footballs
Touch colour display – menu structure (like Windows)
Pre-programmed recipes/shot sequences developed by professional goalkeepers and coaches
Pre-programmed cross sequences – programmed by professional coaches
Manual operation for servicing
Data compilation/alarm pages